Welcome to Roots

Welcome to the Roots

A note from the founder 

The Roots is founded officially in November 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal during the Covid period. We offer creative/digital solutions and brand management consultancy to businesses. 

A few years ago, this success rooted a coming and desperation to create a community in Lisbon with selected creatives who are also seeking to work in a wide range of industries globally. 

Why Lisbon?

When I moved to Lisbon, I realized how much the city values the communities, and I was stunned by the reality of how much they have well functioned. It was also inevitable to fall into the art scene that the city offers. It was imperfectly perfect. 

As a local Lisbon person working as a creative for some time in this city, I identify myself who also value locality and local values. Roots as a brand is established as a business; however, the company will stick to its manifestation to promote other Lisbon-based artists and global ones who often seek a voice in the art industry.

Why the Business?

At this time, we believe that the executive of creative jobs has reshaped due to digitalization and globalization coming along with an ongoing new digital tools emergence. On the other hand, it has become to be fabricated and underestimated by global businesses. As a creative, your job definition has become vulnerable to be shifted according to personal wishes or are occasionally ghosted by your potential clients. We are here to value the creatives and appreciate how much they could integrate into businesses and contribute to the growth. We believe that meanwhile working in the commercial, and we also need to protect our ethical values. 

We value the artistic work in businesses as well as appreciate the local. As a founder, I find myself responding to pay back what the city has offered to me: appreciation, impartiality and the acceptance of my work. 

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